HOME Set of 3 Large Thick Plastic Cutting Boards with Juice Slots for Food, Meat and Vegetables
Set of 3 Large Thick Plastic Cutting Boards with Juice Slots for Food, Meat and Vegetables
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Brand Masthome
material polypropylene
color: gray
Product thickness 8 microns


The delivery time of this item is 7-30 days. If you are in a hurry, you can place an order for the same item in the store


【Multiple Size Options】- This set of cutting boards consists of 3 different size models: large (16x9.8 inches), medium (12.4 x 7.8 inches) and small (10 x 5.8 inches), suitable for your food amount, or you can use them individually depending on the type of food.
【HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIAL】- These cutting boards are made of high-quality polypropylene, BPA free, with high pressure and high temperature one-piece molding technology. High density, no pores, does not absorb meat oil and plant moisture, will not be discolored by the pigments of certain vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, and prevent the formation of internal bacteria, making it safer and healthier to use. .
【360° Spill-Proof Juice Slot】-Each cutting board can be used on two planes, one flat and the other side has a 360° anti-spill trough to prevent juice from splashing on the table when cutting fruit, effectively locking in moisture creation A good cooking space that makes you happy and easy to cook.
【Anti-Slip, Hangable Design】 - Each cutting board is designed with anti-slip rubber pads on the four corners for maximum stability and safety. In addition, the comfortable and easy-to-use handle effectively shares the weight of the hand, making it easier to move, and it can also be hung on the wall to save space.
【Easy to Clean】- Our cutting boards are also easy to clean and maintain. When cutting vegetables and fruits, just wash the surface of the cutting board with water. When cutting fatty foods like meat, just wash with a little detergent and hot water. If the cutting board has an astringent or other odor, clean it with lemon or kosher salt.



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