HOME Mop and Bucket Set with 6-Piece Microfiber Pad, Floor Cleaning Mop System with Adjustable Height Handle
Mop and Bucket Set with 6-Piece Microfiber Pad, Floor Cleaning Mop System with Adjustable Height Handle
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Brand: Masthome
Product Details: Mop and Buckets Set
Color: Gray + Green
Material: PP + Stainless Steel + Microfiber
Size: Mop (22 x 136 cm) 8.7 x 53.5 inch; Bucket (14.8 x 27.8 cm) 5.8 x 10.9 inch
Package Include:

4 x Mop Handle (Includes an Installed Telescopic Handle)

1 x Mop Head

6 x Mop Pad

5 x Cleaning Cloth


Features & Functions

【2 in 1 High Efficiency Cleaning Bucket】The mop bucket is equipped with a 360-degree rotation system, the lower part is washed, lift the mop up, and the upper part is dehydrated and dried, which is easy and efficient. There is a scraper on the bottom of the bucket to help remove dirt on the mop pad when cleaning.
【Retractable Handle】The mop rod is composed of 3 strong stainless steel rods. There is a lock button at the bottom of the handle. Open the lock button for cleaning and drying, then close it to fix the handle to clean the floor. The mop rod can be adjusted between 103-127 cm (40.5-50 in) to suit people of different heights.

【Microfiber Pads】This automatic cleaning kit includes 6 replaceable microfiber mop heads, with strong cleaning and adsorption power, durable, save you money, machine washable, and not easy to deform. 5 extra gray cleaning cloths.

【Rotating Mop Head】The mop head can be flexibly rotated 180 degrees, and the flat head design can penetrate into difficult-to-clean areas. The mop rod is easy to install, the package comes with an instruction manual.

【Space Saving】The size of the mop bucket is 28×28×15cm, and the structure is light and easy to store. It can be placed in the storage space under the sink. With a hanging ring on the top of the handle, the mop can be hung to dry.



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