HOME 360° Swivel Microfiber Flat Mop with Integrated Strander for Floor Cleaning with 6 Pads
360° Swivel Microfiber Flat Mop with Integrated Strander for Floor Cleaning with 6 Pads
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Brand: Masthome
Mop Panel Dimensions: 36 x 10 cm/14.17 x 3.93 inch
Mop Height after Installation: 130 cm/51.18 inch
Materials: Microfiber (Mop), Stainless Steel (Stick), Polypropylene (Plastic Parts)
Other Accessories Detailed Dimension: Please See Our Dimension Picture
1 x Base in Dark Gray
1 x Short Bar in Red
1 x Short Stainless Steel Rod
2 x Stainless Steel Connecting Rods in The Center of The Stick
1 x Stainless Steel Rod with Stick Handle
1 x Mop Pad
6 x Microfiber Pads


Features & Functions

【Mop】Mop base with integrated wringer function, cheaper but same effect as the bucket.
【Professional Squeegee】Effectively remove all types of dirt: dust, debris, dirty water and other liquids, crumbs, etc.
【Easy Storage】Allows you to store the mop upright with its wringing base in a corner of the space, or hang it with the hole at the top and a hook.
【Practical Mop Head】This microfiber mop is designed to rotate 360°, which makes it easy to clean different spaces, even those that are narrow; Suitable for any smooth surface: floor, glass, ceiling, wall...
【Note for Pad Installation】Be sure to insert the 3 tabs at the end of the panel into the 3 small sleeves on the pad, and pull out the pad with a little effort when you stick it to the panel, this is to prevent the screen from scratching. will fold at the time of wringer."




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