HOME Shower Wiper, Silicone Window Wiper, Supplied with Base Hook and 2 Cleaning Cloths
Shower Wiper, Silicone Window Wiper, Supplied with Base Hook and 2 Cleaning Cloths
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Brand Masthome
Color B-Green
Style Iron core, silicone shell
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.7x1.1x7.6 inches


The delivery time of this item is 7-30 days. If you are in a hurry, you can place an order for the same item in the store


✨【Silicone Window Cleaning Squeegee】This window cleaning squeegee uses high-quality silica gel, which can help you quickly clean up water stains on the glass, remove bubbles, will not leave water marks, avoid water stains remaining on your glass, and do not worry about scratching the glass. The curved handle allows you to better use the squeegee and is a good helper for cleaning the glass.
🚘【Stable Iron Core】Window Cleaning Squeegee uses a thick iron core to keep the squeegee stable during use. There will be no distortion or insufficient cleaning power, and no more damage or breakage caused by long-term use. You can use this window cleaning squeegee for a long time with confidence.
🚪【Equipped with Hook】Equipped with a silicone hook of the same material, you can hang the hook on the railing and other places where the hook can be hung, and hang the squeegee on it to keep your desktop clean and orderly. Don't worry about losing the squeegee due to the random placement of the squeegee.
🛀【2 Pieces Cleaning Cloth】Two cleaning cloths are provided. It has strong water absorption, and will not deform and shed hair easily, you can use it together with the window cleaning squeegee. In addition, in addition to using a cleaning cloth to clean the glass on a large area, you can also use the cleaning cloth to clean tableware, stoves, tables and other furniture. This is a very practical cleaning cloth.
🚗【Meet various needs】Whether you want to keep your windows clean, or you want to clean glass surface items such as car windows, bathroom doors, mirrors, etc, this cleaning squeegee is your ideal choice. It can keep the glass products around you always bright and Your windows have a new look.


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