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Broom and Duster Set, 2 in 1 Long Handle Broom, House Cleaning Broom Combination
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Brand Masthome
Material Aluminum
Color Yellow
Broom Length 55in
Dust Collector Length 59.8in


The delivery time of this item is 7-30 days. If you are in a hurry, you can place an order for the same item in the store


【Innovation 2 In 1】This product is not only an ordinary broom, it is also a dust duster. It can help you sweep the floor and at the same time remove dust on the ceiling and the surface of the furniture, without having to purchase extra dust removal tools. It is a good helper for your household cleaning.
【Built-in Dust Duster】There is a dust duster hidden in the handle. You can take it out by unscrewing the handle in the yellow part of the middle section. This is also a good place to store the dust duster to avoid excessive dust accumulation. And the dust duster is fixed by a buckle, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. This is a very practical design.
【Aluminum Long Handle】The handle is 125cm (49.21inch) long, and a long enough handle can prevent you from bending and squatting frequently during cleaning, and avoid backaches and backaches. When you want to use the dust duster to clean the ceiling, you can remove the broom head and insert the handle connecting the dust duster part to the other end of the handle, then it can be converted into a long-handled dust duster, which is enough to help you clean high places.
【180° Rotating Broom Head】The broom head can be flexibly rotated 180°, allowing you to easily clean the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the wardrobe and other places that are usually difficult to clean. Helping you to clean your room in all directions, don't worry about omission of dirt.
【Suitable for Various Scenarios】This broom can help you clean all kinds of scenes, including living room, garage, terrace, courtyard, sidewalk, etc. And because the dust duster has a long enough handle, you can easily clean ceilings, ceiling fans, lamps, cobwebs, etc. It is an excellent choice for your dust removal and cleaning.



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