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3-Pack Cleaning Brush Kit with Flask Storage Rack
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Brand Masthome
Quantity three


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【Unique Sizes and Shapes】, Different sizes can be used for different cleaning purposes and hard-to-reach corners. Stainless steel body, durable and resilient nylon bristles provide excellent cleaning performance, odorless and scratch-free, suitable for glass, plastic, porcelain, aluminum, stainless steel and more.
【Extra Long Bottle Brush】, 13.4 inches for narrow neck bottles, can easily reach into long narrow neck wine and beer bottles, carafe, thermos, perfect for most narrow and long neck bottles.
【Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle】When cleaning pots and pans with detergent, the brush soaked in soapy water can easily slip off. The handle of each brush has raised thumb pressure points for added friction and slip resistance. The ergonomic handle shape also facilitates gripping.
【Long-Handle Dishwashing Brush】Compared with sponge brush and steel ball, the long-handled dishwashing brush can avoid direct contact between finger skin and oily dirt. The extra bristles on the leading edge can penetrate into any shaped cookware gap without missing a single detail.
【Heavy Duty Scrub Brush】The ring handle is easy to apply force for heavy duty cleaning. Effectively cleans stubborn stains on sinks, stoves and walls, the PET high-quality bristles will not deform and mold. Can also be used for scrubbing bathroom tubs and washbasins.


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