HOME 32-pack of kitchen cellulose sponges, absorbent, quick-drying, antibacterial
32-pack of kitchen cellulose sponges, absorbent, quick-drying, antibacterial
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Brand ‎Masthome
Material ‎Cellulose sponge
Material Composition ‎Cellulose
Product size 4.7x3in


The delivery time of this item is 7-30 days. If you are in a hurry, you can place an order for the same item in the store


【Natural material】: Cellulose sponge is made of natural material, honeycomb design, and its water absorption is higher than that of ordinary sponge. The fiber sponge is not easy to break, has no odor, cleans mild dirt, and can be used on a variety of surfaces without damage.
【Easy to use】: Strong water absorption, can keep water while cleaning. Just rinse with water to remove stains. Effective on both sides, using detergent, good foaming, quick-drying and hygienic kitchen cleaning sponge. It also instantly removes stubborn dirt.
【Wide use】: Suitable for kitchen cleaning, tableware, sink and other cleaning, stainless steel, wood, crow and other supplies wiping, multi-purpose sturdy, not easy to wear, hard stains, oil, grease can also be easily removed. It's also very relaxing in the shower. Ideal for wiping down washstands, bathtubs, etc.
【Size Cut】: The size of the cleaning sponge is 4.7x3in, and the suitable size can be freely cut according to the place. Cut in half, dry once and reuse. It can be cut into triangles in places such as gaps, and it is easy to clean.
[Separate use]: 2 colors of yellow and blue are available for separate use. For example, yellow is a dishwasher sponge, and blue is a bathroom cleaning sponge. There are 32 sponges that can be used for a long time.



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