HOME 6" Cast Iron Skillet, Kitchen Mini Omelette Pan with Silicone Handle Lid
6" Cast Iron Skillet, Kitchen Mini Omelette Pan with Silicone Handle Lid
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Brand Masthome
Material Aluminum, Cast Iron
Item Diameter 6 Inches
Color Black


 🛵🛵The delivery time of this item is 7-30 days 🛵🛵


🍤【Cast iron frying pan】The whole pan is made of cast iron, which is strong and not brittle. The flat surface and excellent thermal conductivity allow it to distribute heat evenly, making your food tastier, making it the perfect choice for long-term cooking and washing. Note: Do not use dishwashers, steel wool or acid cleaners, which may damage the rust-resistant coating.
🥩【Mini Design】The cast iron pan is 6 inches in diameter, the compact size is perfect for small cooking like frying poached eggs, cooking sauces, making desserts, etc. At the same time, there are two side drip nozzles on the edge of the cast iron pot. The practical design of the side drip nozzles prevents the sauce from flowing to the perimeter of the pot. You don't have to worry about soiling your cooktop and utensils.
🥓【Pre-seasoning】The cast-iron pan is pre-seasoned and coated with vegetable oil, you can use the cast-iron pan as soon as you receive it, or you can maintain the cast-iron pan again according to the method we provide. An effective coating can be a great way to delay or prevent rusting in cast iron pans. After cleaning the cast iron pan, wipe the water off the pan or reheat it until the water evaporates to avoid rust.
🥓【Barbecue & Oven Safe】Precise heat distribution makes this cast iron pan suitable for every situation, whether it's frying, grilling, stir-frying, etc., you can use it. Cast iron pans, which can be used in the oven or outdoor grill, effectively distribute and retain heat so that food is evenly heated throughout the pan, allowing you to cook delicious meals with ease.
🥘【5.5 Inch Silicone Handle Cover】Since the cast iron pan has good thermal conductivity, the insulating silicone handle cover can help you use the cast iron pan better. The handle cover is 5.5 inches long and fits the handles of most cast iron pans, so you can use it when stir-frying or removing your cast iron pan from the oven. Be careful not to put the handle cover in the oven. Please pay attention to safety when using it to avoid being scalded by the cast iron pan.



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