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6 Pieces of Kids Cleaning Play Set Includes Broom, Hand Brush, Dustpan, etc
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Brand: Masthome
Specifications: Kids Cleaning Kit 6

Package Includes:

1 x Broom (18.8", Diameter: 15mm, 35g, ABS)
1 x Mop Mop (22.4" 33g, ABS)
1 x Brush
1 x Dustpan
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


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Features & Functions

【Hand Brush and Dustpan】The brush has a realistic shape and neat bristles that can remove stains. The dustpan can hold some garbage and has a certain practicality.
【Mop】The mop is made of non-woven fabric (similar to paper), and the mop can be put into the water to make children feel more playful.
【Cleaning Sponge and Cleaning Cloth】safe and healthy absorbent sponge cleaning and cleaning cloth. When the adult does the housework, the children can also help to learn.
【Broom】The broom and mop can be removed for easy storage by children after use.

【Children Cleaning Set】A set of tools that are suitable for your baby and make cleaning more complete, it is a great way to give your baby a sense of responsibility and initiative and have fun playing.




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