HOME Bottle Brush Set of 9 Long Bottle Brush Cleaners for Narrow Neck Wide Mouth Water Bottles
Bottle Brush Set of 9 Long Bottle Brush Cleaners for Narrow Neck Wide Mouth Water Bottles
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Brand: Masthome
Material: PP + Pig Hair + Iron Wire
No. 1 Bottle Brush Measures 10.88 inches
No. 2 Bottle Brush Size 5.4 inches
No. 3 Bottle Brush Size 12 inches
No. 4 Bottle Brush Measures 12.4 inches
No. 5 Bottle Brush Measures 11 inches
No. 6 Bottle Brush Measures 19.4 inches
No. 7 Bottle Brush Measures 18.8 inches
No. 8 Bottle Brush Measures 15.3 inches 
No. 9 Bottle Brush Measures 9.92 inches


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Features & Functions

Versatile wholesale bottle brush set cleaning kit for baby bottles, hummingbird feeders, kombucha and beer brewing bottles, wine and carboy decantor, sports water bottles, spiral glass pipe and weed smoking bong, and bathroom sinks.
【The Hardness of The Brush's Bristles is Very Moderate】You don't have to worry about the dirt inside the bottle that can't be removed, and the inside of the bottle won't be scratched.
【The Long Handle Brush】Can reach up to 13.7 in, which clean inside the very high bottle, which is very suitable for home use.
【Good Grips】Let you feel comfortable to hold and use, make the cleaning job quick and easy. The hook provided to hang it for drying and storage.
【9 Different Sizes and Types of Brush Sets】Can solve different situations. You don't need to buy another brush set.




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