HOME Electric 360 Degree Rotating Deep Scrubber, 6 Replaceable Brush Heads with Extended Handle
Electric 360 Degree Rotating Deep Scrubber, 6 Replaceable Brush Heads with Extended Handle
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Brand: Masthome
Size: 62 x 9.8 x 20.5 cm/24.4 x 3.85 x 8.07 inch
Handle Length: 100 cm/40 inch
Weight: 745 g/1.64 lb
Dome Brush Size: 15 cm/5.9 inch
Corner Brush Size:  5.5 cm/2.16 inch
Flat Brush Size: 12 cm/4.72 inch
Material: ABS, Aluminum, Rubber, PP
Color: White and Gray
Rated Voltage: 220 V-50 HZ
Rated Power: 15 W
Battery Capacity: 1500 mA
Output Voltage: DC 5 V/0.6 A
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Service Time: 60 minutes
Package Includes:
3 x Handle Section
1 x Dome Brush
1 x Corner Brush
1 x Flat Brush
1 x Plastic Base
1 x Sponge Brush
1 x Microfiber Pad
1 x Charger with Wire


Features & Functions

【High Quality Material】With the aluminum extension section, the whole length of electric scrubber could reach 40 inch, but it is lightweight and durable enough. Brush bristles are stiff and dense, do not shed or deform. The sponge brush is soft with good elasticity, scrubbing surface without scratches. Cloth pad are comparable to expensive rags.

【Efficient Cleaning and Labor Saving】Efficient cleaning and labor saving: squatting or bending down for a long time to clean the stubborn stains on the ground and wall corners is very tired. The electric cleaning brush can not only clean continuously for a long time, but also make the cleaning work more thorough. The fast 360 degree rotating brush head can remove stains without applying additional pressure.


【6 Replaceable Brush Heads】On the basis of large flat brush, corner brush and dome brush, we add a circular sponge brush and a microfiber cloth pad. Large flat brush is used for tile floor, swimming pool, hardwood floor, walls, patio. Corner brush is used for wall corners, floor seam, narrow gaps.Dome brush is used for curved surface like wash basin, bathtub. Sponge brush is used for window, mirror, stove top. Microfiber pad is used for dust and water stains absorption.

【Change Your Cleaning Method】The electric cleaning brush can change your cleaning method. Powerful function, simple operation and convenient brush head cleaning. Easily remove soap scum, hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits and other thorny problems. A storage hook is attached, which can hang the handle part on the wall of the storage room.
【Great Endurance Capability】The cleaning brush battery has a capacity of 1500mA and is charged by the rated voltage of 220V-50HZ. After 4-6 hours of continuous charging, it can work for 60 minutes. The charging port has a rubber flap, which plays an insulating role and protects the safety of users.





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