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Broom and Dustpan Set for Indoor Kitchen Office Lobby Cleaning - Free Small Handle Dustpan and Brush
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Brand: ‎Masthome
Colour: ‎Orange Broom and Dustpan
Broom Length: 138 x 29 cm (54.3 x 11.4 inch)
Package Dimensions: ‎46.5 x 29.8 x 11.9 cm/18.3 x 11.73 x 4.68 inch
Item Weight: ‎1.07 kg/2.35 lb


Features & Functions

【180° Folded Broom Head】Our dustpan and brush sets with 180° rotating broom head. It's convenient for you to clean hard-reached area, such as cleaning under the table, couch or bed.
【Adjustable Stainless Steel Handle】Our tall broom with 138cm adjustable handle that allow you to reach every corner. So you will keep comfortable while cleaning without bending the waist. And we will provide mini dustpan and brush setsfor you, you can use the mini sets for cleaning hidden corners.
【Attach Firmly to Floor】The dustpan with rubber lip so that the dustpan will attach firmly to the floor. There are non-slip rubber on the dustpan. When you are sweeping, the dustpan will not move at will.
【Comb-shaped Scraper】The long handled broom and hand-held dustpan with comb-shaped scraper, which can be used for cleaning the broom bristles. This design will keep your hands clean and save your time.
【Compact Dustpan and Broom Set】This tall broom sets has a compact design. The handheld dustpan can be snapped on the long handled broom. You also can hanging the broom sets on the wall, which will keep your home or work space clean and tidy.


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