How to keep home clean and tidy



How to keep home clean and tidy. 

Nowadays, in this hectic routine, it gets tough to take care of and maintain our household. But a clean environment promotes a healthy lifestyle and a productive work life; this is why you need to know how to keep home clean and tidy. 


These tips ahead would help you in keeping your household neat, so let’s dig in. 


Clean your house the Marie kendo style:

Now that you have aimed to clean your house, the first thing you need to do is declutter the home entirely. 


Once your house is clear of all clutter, it would get easier to clean your home generally. We would suggest you use the Mari Kondo manner of clearing your home, keep things that spark joy, and remove useless stuff. 


After clearing the clutter, make sure you organize your stuff in baskets and shelves, so you know where you have kept what. 


Now let’s move on to more general everyday tips.


Start from your room.

Your room is probably the space you spend the most time in. Make sure that you make your bed every day as soon as you wake up; doing something productive every day will make you feel accomplished, and you would have the motivation to do more. 


Clean your room, remove the dishes from last night, change your sheets, put the dirty laundry in the washer, and dust the dirt away. 


Move to your kitchen:

After you are done with your room and ready to make breakfast, after having your breakfast, make sure that you clean and tidy your kitchen at that very moment. 


Take your trash out daily, clear your dishwasher, wipe your countertops daily, and wash the cleaning towels. 


Make sure you also clean your appliances after you use them, such as the juicer, the toaster, the pan, and some other devices, etc. 


Wipe and dust. 

After you are done with your kitchen and room, always make it a habit to clean your apartment or house out after a day or two. You could hire help or simply use the new advanced gadgets for cleaning, such as mops. 


Clearing the everyday dust out would keep you healthy because there would be nothing entering your insides. 


Also, keeping your house safe from dust will keep the diseases away, and clearing the dust is also a very satisfying process. 


Use antibacterial soaps and gadgets. 

The soaps and the washing gadgets that you use for your house should all be anti-bacterial. Anti-bacterial soaps are always better as they are superb when it comes to keeping the germs away from your everyday used stuff, such as the dishes. 


Where to get? 

We would also suggest you use cleaning gadgets from Masthome®, they are simply the best and most reasonable when it comes to house cleaning gadgets. 


Let’s be real here; you can’t do everything manually with that kind of back pain, so why not buy from the best? 


Cleaning your house would never look easier with the tips above and with gadgets from the mast home.



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